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Apr 24 2013


Two female students performing a poem about sexual empowerment in response to the frequently salacious and distasteful comments of the opposite sex, like the Lysistratas of the modern day.  One of the students wrote the the poem when she was 15.  The honesty and authenticity of her words make Taylor Swifts’ lyrics sound like the silly witticisms one finds inscribed on a corn syrup-covered, post-consumption popsicle stick.

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Apr 16 2013


“Have you ever been on a plane?” “Yes, once.” “Where did you go?” “Here.” We got onto the subject when I was trying to convince Isaac that he should visit Harvard University, that seeing it and experiencing it in person would be transformational because a) he would see what college life is really like and…

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Apr 15 2013

Life lessons

Dear student, While I whole-heartedly appreciate the initiative you have taken to claim ownership of your learning by emailing me and asking for your missing assignments, in the future please sign off with your actual name.  “Tre Smooth” just doesn’t quite elicit the appropriate amount of professionalism. Love, Your science teacher

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